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Our principal started in the IT game in 1979, at the time Internet, Email, WiFi and mobile phones were but a twinkle in our eyes. Over the years we have gained new skills, adapted our techniques and developed new ones as well.


Our solutions are very creative and will make seemingly incompatible technologies work together. We understand that today’s businesses need to move and adapt quickly, this is why we align ourselves with innovative brands and services to allow us to react quickly to your needs. We also ensure that all solutions are very cost effective.


Our Principal

Frank Greco CEO of LINCTEC
Frank Greco

CEO/Principal Solutions Architect

Starting in the IT industry in 1978, Frank has presided over major projects with many companies in Australia and Overseas. Working on Mainframe Projects with IBM and AMDAHL in San Jose (USA) and STORAGTEK (Australia) through to project managing Mainframe to distributed environment projects and project managing the certification of 40,000 desktops at TELSTRA during Y2K. He was instrumental in setting up a number of technology companies in Australia and overseas. Running a busy an successful Managed Services provider for the last 10 years has seen him install over 300 hotels, retirement villages and Apartment complex with guest Wi-Fi services and installing and maintaining over 450 LANs across Australia and New Zealand.  



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